8 thoughts on “Infographic”

  1. It was interesting when you included the history of the company, and how its origin began with students of Utah State University. Although there was an extensive amount of information at the top of the page, it was helpful when key points in history were included with the dates. The process of how the ice cream is prepared to be sold grabbed my attention.
    I would have liked more images of the Aggie ice-cream, making the overall infographic visually appealing.


  2. I liked the look, especially the pictures and the font. However, because it is Aggie ice cream I felt as though there was a lack of the Aggie ice cream logo or creamery logo or the colors of Aggie ice cream like the blue and white. As a viewer for it was hard for me to connect exactly with Aggie ice cream that this is the info graphic for that business. But other than that I think it looks really professional and clean looking. Good job!


  3. Loved this infographic. Easy to read and follow along with. I also enjoyed the subject matter because I love ice cream! Makes me want to go to Aggie ice cream, only been a couple times. Great information on it, also I really liked the timeline you added. I think that sold this product.


  4. I liked the key points in history and the ice cream process. I also think the design was very sleek and cool. However, it almost felt more like an article because there was so much reading involved. I would have liked to see more pictures, especially of the Aggie Ice Cream logo and maybe learn more about the ice cream industry in general. Overall, it looks very professional. Great job.


  5. I like how professional this looks, but it almost feels more like a news article than an infographic. I like the information you included, and my only suggestion would be to use more pictures instead of words to express what you’re trying to convey. Other than that it’s really good though! It’s obvious that you did your research and the title is really cute.


  6. I liked how you have a few different groups of information. Sharing your history makes you stand out seem more credible and trustworthy. I also like how you included the process because it shows why your ice cream stands out above the rest. Over all the infographic was easy to read and intriguing. I enjoyed learned more about Aggie Ice Cream.


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